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Teacher Residency Programs & Partnerships

Teacher residency programs are a pathway option available to future educators who have completed their bachelor’s degree and are now looking at obtaining their teaching credential. FPU partners with local school districts to offer these residency programs where residents receive financial support for student teaching or where residents receive financial support while working alongside an experienced mentor teacher.

Fresno County Superintendent of Schools RURAL TEACHER RESIDENCY PROGRAM

The Rural Teacher Residency program offered by the Fresno County Superintendent of Schools, plays a pivotal role in fostering teacher development, economic growth and enhancing rural communities within Fresno County.

Credential type: Single Subject or Multiple Subject Teacher Credential


  • One-year program
  • Focused on equipping teachers with a culturally sustaining mindset and best practices to serve rural communities in Fresno County
  • Option to earn a Bilingual Authorization in preparation for teaching in dual language immersion programs.
  • Financial aid and grants may be available
  • $35,000 stipend

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Fresno Unified School District Teacher Residency Program

The FUSD Teacher Residency Program was created with you in mind, allowing you to earn your credential in one year. We have partnered with FUSD to give you a year-long residency that meets your needs.

Credential type: Multiple Subject, Single Subject, Early Childhood Special Education


Teaching credential and Master of Arts in Teaching from FPU. Credential program is one year. MAT program is optional and is one additional year and 12 additional units.

  • Learn from district professionals
  • Year-long residency placement
  • Teaching position in the Fresno Unified School District
  • $34,000 financial stipend
  • Financial aid and grants may be available

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Golden Charter Academy Teacher Residency Program 

Join the Golden Charter Teacher Residency to empower young learners through innovative, environmentally focused education with our Multiple Subject Credential program.

Credential type: Multiple Subject Teaching Credential


  • Start credential program in May and complete in 12 months 
  • Cohort model of learning 
  • Year-long residency placement co-teach alongside experienced mentor teacher 
  • High-quality, innovative professional learning experiences 
  • Culture of collaboration and community action 
  • Teaching position at Golden Charter Academy 
  • Master of Arts in Teaching option available, post-credential 
  • $30,000 residency program stipend 
  • $5,000 summer training and teaching stipend 
  • Financial aid and grants may be available

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Step 3: Submit your Free Application for Federal Student Aid at

Sanger Teacher and Residency (STaR) program

Fresno Pacific University is proud to offer select teaching credential programs with a residency model in Sanger Unified School District. Our commitment is to recruit and prepare a diverse cohort of teacher candidates dedicated to serving students and families in the Sanger community.

Credential type: Single Subject or Early Childhood Special Education Credential 


  • 12-month program starting in summer
  • Year-long student teaching placement in award winning Sanger Unified School District 
  • Integration of coursework and classroom experience 
  • District professional development opportunities 
  • Priority employment with Sanger Unified upon successful completion of the program 
  • $35,000 stipend 
  • Financial aid and grants may be available 
  • Master of Arts in Teaching or Special Education option available, post-credential

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Contact or call 559-453-3690 for more information.