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Education Scholarships, Grants & Loans

Cal Grant

If you utilized your Cal Grant in undergrad, you may be eligible to renew your grant an additional year if you are seeking your teaching credential. Talk to your student financial services advisor for more information.

Federal Pell Grant

If you are seeking your teaching credential, you can qualify. You qualify for this grant based on financial aid.

Church-Match Scholarship

FPU will match 2:1 up to $500 per semester for churches belonging to the Pacific District Conference of Mennonite Brethren Churches. FPU will match 1:1 up to $250 per semester for all other churches.

View Church Match Scholarship policy

School of Education Grant

This grant is specifically for students pursuing their graduate degree within the School of Education. You must have completed one semester of your program to qualify.

FPU Scholarships

Visit to find individual scholarships that credential and graduate students can qualify for based on your program of interest.


The TEACH Grant provides up to $3,700 a year if you are completing coursework needed to begin a career in teaching. Ask your student financial services representative for more information.

Forgiveness Programs

There are two loan forgiveness programs: teacher and public service loan forgiveness. You could qualify for one of these based on your employment or teaching in a low-income school. Visit for more information.