Business Management - Courses

This Bachelor of Arts degree completion program requires all 39 units in the major be earned at Fresno Pacific University. The 85 units of general education requirements and general education electives/free electives (IGETC) complete the degree with a total of 124 units.

BIB 314*Jesus and the Christian Community3 units
Required Courses
Semester 1
MGT 315 Principals of Management 3 units
MGT 450 Management and Organizational Behavior 3 units
BUS 466 Statistics for Management 3 units
ECON 301 Economics in Business 3 units
Semester 2
BUS 471 Business Policy and Strategy 3 units
BIB 451 Biblical Perspectives on Leadership 3 units
ACCT 301 Accounting for Management 3 units
BUS 476 Business Law 3 units
Semester 3
MKT 320 World of Marketing 3 units
FIN 460 Business Finance 3 units
BUS 441 Ethics and Values 3 units
MGT 443 Organizational Project 3 units

*This co-requisite course must be taken prior to Biblical Perspectives, either concurrently with cohort courses in semester 1 or prior to cohort start.

For course descriptions, please refer to the university catalog. Courses are listed alphabetically by course code in the back of the catalog.