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Federal Work Study

This page applies to undergraduate students who have been offered Federal Work Study, an award which entities you to an opportunity to find a part-time job to assist in paying for college tuition, room, board and other living expenses.

What is Federal Work Study?

Federal Work Study is a federally funded program which encourages students to gain valuable employment experience while earning a portion of their financial assistance which can then be used to help offset tuition and other education-related expenses.

Will the Federal Work Study award automatically be placed on my student account?

No. The Federal Work Study dollar amount listed on your Financial Aid Offer Letter is the potential dollar amount that you could earn through work. If you secure either an on-campus or an approved off-campus job, you will receive your earnings in the form of a paycheck which you can then contribute towards an outstanding balance on your student account.

If I accept the Federal Work Study award, am I guaranteed a job?

No. It is still your responsibility to find a job. That means searching for a job, applying for the jobs you are interested in, and accepting a job that is offered to you. Be sure to tell your employer that you have Federal Work Study eligibility. Job opportunities are posted throughout the year in both the FPU Career Resources Center located in the Steinert Campus Center and online.

Is the amount of Federal Work Study on my Financial Aid Offer Letter the most that I can earn?

No. Depending on the hourly wage and the number of hours offered you by your supervisor, you may earn more than the amount of your Federal Work Study eligibility. If this occurs, you may continue to work if approved by your supervisor. The institution may be able to pay you out of Institutional Work Study funds.

Are students who have received a Federal Work Study award the only students who can apply for on-campus jobs?

No. Institutional Work Study is also available. Many of the part-time student jobs on campus are available to students whether they have eligibility for Federal Work Study or not.

How do I benefit from having a Federal Work Study job?
  • You gain work experience that can be listed on a future resume.
  • Some jobs are only available to students who have Federal Work Study eligibility.
  • Many jobs are conveniently located on-campus and will work around your class schedule.
  • The wages earned from Federal Work Study are considered a financial aid resource and are, therefore, listed differently than wages earned from other jobs on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) when you complete it next year.

For more information about finding a Federal Work Study job, visit the Career Development Center.