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Donor Story

Herb and Jessie Penner

Sharing their vision

Herb Penner's faith has been nurtured by his upbringing in Hillsboro, Kansas, sharpened by a military alternative service assignment to a mental hospital and practiced throughout his life as a husband, father and chiropractor in Kansas and California. He and Jessie hope to share their beliefs through Anabaptism in the Third Millenium, a student-seminar series funded by a charitable remainder trust

"We can think of no greater purpose than to inspire the coming generation of leaders to know and follow Jesus as the Prince of Peace," says Herb and Jessie.

All gifts help Fresno Pacific prepare students for leadership in professions, communities and congregations. Planned gifts allow donors to pass on their vision, while providing:

  • additional retirement income
  • professionally managed assets
  • tax savings

Learn more about charitable remainder unitrusts and other planned giving opportunities.