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Registrar Forms

Student-Initiated Forms

  • Academic Petition - Academic petitions should only be used when the deadline has passed for registration, for adding or dropping classes, for extending an incomplete or for withdrawing from the university. View the full policy.
  • Advanced Standing Request: Seminary - FPU undergraduate students may apply to have specific courses waive some FPU Biblical Seminary requirements.
  • Certificate Application - For graduate students who have completed the requirements for a certificate.
  • Course Challenge Exam- If you would like to test out of a course use this form.
  • Diploma Reprint Request Form
  • FERPA Non-Disclosure - Request to withhold directory information.
  • FERPA Release Form - Permission to receive the information contained in the following selected records.
  • Incomplete Grade Request - Use when circumstances dictate that you cannot finish a course on time. Must be completed before the end of the course.
  • Leave of Absence - Students taking a one-semester hiatus will complete this form in order to remain active with the University.
  • Masters: Advancement to Candidacy Application - Submit the advancement to candidacy form the semester before beginning your thesis, seminar, or final project. This provides an opportunity to check for completion of general degree requirements prior to the MA capstone course.
  • Student Information Update- Current students: report changes to your phone number, social security number, birth date or marital status. Log into Sunbird Central. On the left, click "User Options," then "User Profile" and insert correct information.
  • Registration Update - Add courses with conflicting meeting times or updating grading information to Credit/No Credit or Audit.
  • Special Course Registration- Use this form to register for directed studies, independent studies, a graduate version of an undergraduate course or special units.
  • Student Grade Change - If you believe you received the wrong grade, use this form after first discussing it with your instructor. Grades are based on daily work, classroom projects and examinations.
  • Student Veteran Responsibility Agreement- Students using Department of Veteran Affairs issued benefits such as Post 9/11 GI Bill, will complete this form each semester to confirm the number of units enrolled to be submitted to the VA.
  • Withdrawal from University - Students that want to withdraw from all classes and leave the University.

Program Director Initiated Forms

  • New Course - Use to request the creation of a new course in the catalog and system.
  • Course Change - Use to change characteristics of an existing course (e.g. title, prerequisites, course description, etc.)
  • New Program Information - Use to request a NEW University Program.
  • Program Changes - Program Directors use to request and update to the current program.

Instructor Initiated Forms

Instructor Grade Change - Use when a clerical or computation error has been made, or for updating a grade due to incomplete work.

Advisor Initiated Forms

Frequently Asked Questions

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