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The Master of Arts in Ministry, Leadership and Culture is an innovative and holistic educational experience designed primarily for pastors currently engaged in ministry. This three-year program, conducted primarily in an online classroom, includes instruction from strategic, global Anabaptist leaders and is grounded in the Anabaptist tradition. The program requires students to serve in your local church for 10 hours per week, attend a weekly 90-minute synchronous discussion via video conference, attend three one-week retreats in North America, and create their own cross-cultural experience before graduation. Each student will be assigned a coach or spiritual director to help him or her develop into a highly equipped ministry leader.


  • Purposeful community of learners and leaders
  • Experienced and published faculty
  • Theologically diverse student body
  • MFT and ministry students integrated in foundational courses
  • Options to study in Israel and/or attend the Hispanic Summer Program
  • Diverse practicum opportunities
  • Featuring guest faculty, Greg Boyd, Ph.D.; Brian Zahnd; and Bruxy Cavey, Th.M.
  • Fully accredited by the Association of Theological Schools (ATS). Pending Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) accreditation.

Career opportunities

With a Master of Arts in Ministry, Leadership and Culture, you will be able to integrate theory and practice. As the Christian church looks to creatively navigate current culture, this degree will help graduates prepare to lead the church into the future with a distinct ability to understand sub-cultures, theology and leadership practice. Graduates will also learn to cultivate the important practice of caring for their own souls throughout the course of their future ministry.

Program director

FPU Seminary Portrait
Brian Ross, D.Min.

Assistant Professor of Pastoral Ministries

Admission requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree from an accredited university
  • Minimum GPA of 2.5
  • Admission form and fee ($90)
  • Personal profile statement
  • Three letters of references
  • Writing sample

Course listing

Biblical And Theological Reflection

BIB 734Understanding, Interpreting and Listening to Scripture *3
BIB 744Exploring God's Self-Revelation3
BIB 721The Kingdom, the Church, and the Mission of God3
THEO 718Following Jesus, Living Out the Implications3
HIST 724The Story of Radical Renewal Movements Through Church History3
BLIT 700Journeying Deep Into Scripture3

Personal and Holistic Formation

BIB 724Engaging the Bible With New Eyes1.5
MIN 706Discerning Personal Vocation and Calling1.5
MIN 710Spiritual Formation2
MIN 721Building a Deep and Sustainable Life3
THEO 720Technology, Theology & Spirituality1.5

Radical and Practical Application

THEO 725Investigating Western Culture and Local Contexts1.5
MIN 718Effective Contemporary Public Communication and Social Media Use3
MIN 736Entrepreneurial Leadership of Non-Profit Organizations1.5
MIN 738Collaborative Leadership1.5
MIN 755Transformative Outreach for Disciple-Making1.5
MIN 757Forming a Community of Mercy, Justice and Peace3
MIN 758The Abundant Community: Transformational Leadership in a Context of Concentrated Poverty3
COUN 768Serving Resiliently Through Crises and Trauma3

Self-Directed Learning

MIN 749Cross-Cultural Experience2.5
MIN 790Creative Capstone Project2

* Includes study of a biblical book