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The word kinesiology refers to the study of human movement and at Fresno Pacific University, it’s used as an umbrella term that includes several different programs. The two bachelor of science emphases are academically rigorous and include research components. Both of these emphases will prepare you to become a competent, highly-qualified professional in the fitness industry, certain areas within allied health care, athletic performance enhancement careers and careers in physical or occupational therapy.


This program requires an emphasis


  • You will have a solid foundation for many of the higher-level professional certifications required by numerous organizations.
  • Coursework specifically addresses your career goals for master’s or doctoral degree.
  • You will learn about humans from several unique perspectives with underlying themes of fitness and its benefits.

Career opportunities

Potential career paths for the bachelor of science in Kinesiology include certified professional trainer, health/fitness instructor, aerobics instructor, health care services, nursing care services, and professions in both medical and surgical hospitals.

Program director

Don Diboll
Don Diboll, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Kinesiology