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As a liberal studies major at Fresno Pacific University, you’ll engage in a broad course of study, which will serve as the foundation for a wide range of opportunities including graduate study, career development and community services. Because it is interdisciplinary, this program is especially designed to prepare you for teaching at the elementary school level. Whether you choose a concentration in Science or in Spanish, you'll be equipped with the knowledge required to enter a multiple subject teacher credential program.

Concentration options

Students must choose an area of concentration. Concentrations permit the candidate to specialize in areas of interest and depth. All students must complete a concentration of 12 or more units in one discipline or area of study. Concentrations may overlap with a minor.

  • English
  • Math
  • Physical education
  • Science
  • Social science
  • Spanish


  • Gain the ability and desire to understand, evaluate and communicate ideas while engaging in intensive study
  • Interdisciplinary field of study allows you to select from several concentrations of interest to you.
  • Fulfill the subject matter requirements for both a Multiple Subjects Credential and also a Single-Subject Authorization to teach through grade 9
  • Students who complete the required courses as part of our liberal studies program will have their CSET exam waived prior to beginning their CA Multiple Subject Credential

Career opportunities

With a degree in liberal studies you’ll have the versatility to apply your studies to almost any desired career field because of its broad course of study. However, you’ll be well equipped to continue in your education to become an elementary school teacher because this major provides the course content required for the multiple subject teacher credential. Additional career opportunities include librarians and educational counselors. Plus, liberal studies provides a broad understanding of many topics and can open multiple doors, even if you change your mind about teaching or aren't yet sure of what career path to follow.

How Do I Become A Teacher?

Our liberal studies bachelor degree provides a solid foundation of knowledge and practical skills for future teachers. Learn more about our Teacher Education Program and take the next step to teaching general education in the elementary and middle school classroom (multiple subjects) and specific subjects at the middle school and high school levels (single subject).

Becoming a Teacher

Admission requirements

  • Students must prepare a portfolio in their last semester prior to graduation.
  • Students planning to enter the FPU teacher education program must maintain a 2.75 GPA or better during their baccalaureate program. Grades of D+ or below are not accepted in general education or major coursework.
  • Students are encouraged to take coursework leading to the BCLAD credential emphasis.
  • The state of California requires that all students admitted to multiple subject credential programs pass the CBEST to prove basic skills and the CSET to prove subject matter competency.

Transferring to Fresno Pacific

Associate Degree for Transfer (ADT) Information
Elementary Teacher Education (AA-T) to Liberal Studies, B.A.

BA courses fulfilled through ADT:

  • All lower-division General Education requirements fulfilled
  • BA co-requisites and major courses fulfilled through ADT:
    • BIOL 100 - Principles of Biology (4)
    • HIST 150   American Civilization (4)
    • LIT 180   Introduction to Literature (3)
    • PHYS 106 - Physical Science (4)
    • PHYS 150   Earth Science (3)
    • LA 180   Paths to Teaching (3)
    • MATH 132   Arithmetic and Data Analysis (3)
    • PSY 350    Child Development (3) [Lower to Upper Division]
  • This program is offered as daytime traditional

ADT Guarantee is the completion of BA/BS degree in 68 units.

Course listing

In order to obtain a bachelor’s degree from Fresno Pacific University, students must complete at least 120 units. Along with completing all required courses in their selected area of study, general education requirements must be met by all graduates. See the general education summary in the undergraduate academic catalog for more information.

Select programs may not provide enough units for a student to graduate and therefore an emphasis and/or elective courses must be completed alongside the major. Please see below for emphases related to this area of study.

Liberal Studies Major: General Education Requirements (22 Units)

BIOL 100Principles of Biology4
HIST 150American Civilization4
LIT 180Introduction to Literature3
PE 120Dance Movement1
PHYS 106Physical Science4
PHYS 150Earth Science3
PSY 120General Psychology3

Required Courses (47 Units)

ART 300Art for Elementary Teachers3
THTR 355Creative Drama3
HIST 440California History and Politics4
ENV 160Introduction to Environmental Science3
KIN 320Theory of Physical Education3
LA 180Paths to Teaching3
LA 380Learning Communities3
LANG 310First and Second Language Acquisition3
LANG 340Introduction to Linguistics3
LIT 465Literature for Children and Young Adults3
MATH 132Arithmetic and Data Analysis3
MATH 134Algebraic Thinking and Geometry3
MUS 305Music in the Classroom3
PSY 350Child Development3
SOC 410American Ethnicity and Pluralism3

Program director

Photo of Whitney E. Wall Bortz, Ph.D.

Whitney E. Wall Bortz, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Liberal Studies