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As a liberal studies major, you’ll engage in a broad course of study, which serves as a foundation for meeting a wide range of future goals including graduate study, career development and community services. Because it is interdisciplinary, it is especially designed to prepare you for teaching at the elementary school level. Courses for the major cover the content required for multiple subject teacher credential candidates.

Concentration options

Students must choose an area of concentration. Concentrations permit the candidate to specialize in areas of interest and depth. All students must complete a concentration of 12 or more units in one discipline or area of study. Concentrations may overlap with a minor.

  • American Civilization and Culture Concentration (Contemporary Focus)
  • American Civilization and Culture Concentration (Historical Focus)
  • Art Concentration
  • Biblical Studies Concentration
  • Biology Concentration
  • Coaching Concentration
  • Communication Concentration
  • Conflict and Peacemaking Studies Concentration
  • English Concentration
  • Environmental Studies Concentration
  • Intercultural/Domestic Studies Concentration
  • Intercultural/International Studies Concentration
  • Language Studies Concentration
  • Mathematics Concentration
  • Ministry Concentration
  • Music Concentration
  • Physical Education Concentration
  • Psychology Concentration
  • Religious Studies Concentration
  • Science Concentration
  • Spanish Concentration
  • Theater Concentration
  • Western Civilization and Culture Concentration
  • World Civilization and Culture Concentration


  • The ability and desire to understand, evaluate and communicate ideas
  • The ability and desire to discover ideas through disciplinary processes
  • The ability and desire to engage in intensive study
  • A sense of interrelatedness among knowledge, experience, responsibilities and values
  • A respect for diversity

Career opportunities

A Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies is versatile and can be applied to almost any desired career field because of its broad course of study. However, most graduates continue on in their education to become elementary school teachers because the liberal studies major provides the course content required for the multiple subject teacher credential.

Program director

Rosemary "Sandie" Woods, Ed.D.
Rosemary "Sandie" Woods, Ed.D.

Assistant Professor of Liberal Studies

Admission requirements

  • Students must prepare a portfolio in their last semester prior to graduation.
  • Students planning to enter the FPU teacher education program must maintain a 2.75 GPA or better during their baccalaureate program. Grades of D+ or below are not accepted in general education or major coursework.
  • Students are encouraged to take coursework leading to the BCLAD credential emphasis.
  • The state of California requires that all students admitted to multiple subject credential programs pass the CBEST to prove basic skills and the CSET to prove subject matter competency.