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Successful managers understand the functioning components of their organization: employees, production, customer needs, operational needs, and so much more. The Bachelor of Arts in Management degree at FPU is designed to impart the skills of planning, organizing, staffing, controlling and directing so they can be as effective leaders as possible. You will also gain a functional knowledge of processes of data analysis and interpretation techniques which are essential in understanding organizational health and direction.


  • Real-world cases examined in order to understand theory
  • Faculty currently employed in various industries that help make the courses come to life through first-hand examples
  • Experiential learning methods to appeal to various learning styles
  • Clear feedback on assignments to foster learning
  • Texts that present the latest theories and techniques in management

Career opportunities

Graduates have found work in both for profit and non-profit organizations including but not limited to: foreman positions, management positions, directorships, supervisory positions and various assistant or associate positions related to management.

Course listing

Note: Emphasis courses are additional courses that are to be completed alongside the general education and parent program requirements as dictated by the Fresno Pacific University catalog. Please review the course requirements for baccalaureate programs and the general education summary in the Undergraduate Academic Catalog.

Required Courses (6 Units)

MGT 355Organizational Behavior3
MGT 360Human Resource Management3

Select four of the following



MGT 352

Organizational Communication3

MGT 362

Nonprofit Management3

MKT 303

Market Research3

MGT 457

Risk Management3

MKT 316

Sales Management3

MKT 314


CSSE 112

Survey of Computer Science3

CS2E 220

Object-Oriented Programming3

LEAD 405

Leadership Concepts3

BUS 480

Project Management3

BUS 486

Topics in Management3

Select one of the following

BUS 482Seminar in Business Strategy3
BUG 496Business Internship (Fall Only)3