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With a Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics is you’ll engage in a broad spectrum of coursework in the mathematical sciences. The program is intended to give you a deep sense of the human story and the philosophical underpinning of mathematics. This is the recommended major if you intend to go into secondary teaching, or if you desire to pursue graduate work in postsecondary teaching or mathematics. There are additional elective options for a B.A. and room for you to incorporate a minor field of study.


  • Small class sizes
  • Project and research oriented coursework
  • Faculty who are experts in their field and who care about their students

Career opportunities

Common career fields for mathematics majors include statistician, computer programmer, data analyst and educator. Our graduates are well prepared for graduate-level work, including teacher credential programs and master’s level research programs.

Program director

Shawn Wirts, Ph.D.
Shawn Wirts, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Course listing

General Education Or Other Prerequisites

CS 121Introduction to Scientific Programming3
MATH 120
or MATH 140
Principles of Mathematics
or Pre-Calculus
PHYS 120
or PHYS 130
General Physics I
or University Physics I

Required Courses (37 Units)

MATH 210Calculus I4
MATH 220Calculus II4
MATH 230Calculus III4
MATH 320Principles of Geometry3
MATH 330Abstract Algebra3
MATH 340Number Theory3
MATH 335Linear Algebra3
MATH 350Problem Solving3
MATH 360Probability and Statistical Methods3
MATH 420Real Analysis3
MATH 480History of Mathematics3
MATH 485Senior Seminar in Mathematics1

Electives (9 Units)

Select three of the following

MATH 325Introduction to Topology3
MATH 345Numerical Analysis3
MATH 357Operations Research3
MATH 365Differential Equations3
MATH 370Discrete Mathematics3
MATH 375Introduction to Game Theory3
MATH 454Complex Analysis3
  • Computer science courses (advisor approval required)