Music is—and always has been—a major cultural influence throughout the world. Music can speak to current trends and styles, or it can retell history. The performance/composition offers you core music principles, and training to develop a unique style based on these principles.


  • The performance/composition emphasis offers courses in lyric diction, music arrangement and scoring, conducting, voice and piano pedagogy.

Career opportunities

This emphasis will prepare you to pursue a career or hobby in music performance and/or composition.

Course listing

Required Courses

Select two of the following in consultation with the program director:

MUS-230/231*lyric Diction 1/112 2
MUS-411Scoring and Arranging3
MUS-450Conducting 13
MUS-451Conducting 113
MUS-460Vocal Pedagogy2
MUS-461Piano Pedagogy2

Voice performance majors are required to complete the equivalent of one year of study in a second language, particularly Italian, French or German. Participation in MUS- 115 Vocal Performance is required: four semesters for voice performance

* two semester course, required for voice majors