The US Application Process

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The application procedure in the USA

Networking is the best source of finding jobs because there is less competition. Becoming involved with professional associations in your field of study and your college’s alumni association are some ways in which to network. However, while it may seem impersonal, the Internet may be the main source for job vacancies and application information for international students. Search services such as Indeed, LinkedIn, Glass Door, and Snag can be essential in your job search. However, avoid using any job search services that charge a fee, as most respectable services are free of charge.

Carefully read the job listing before applying and follow the instructions as indicated. Also, it’s okay if you don’t meet the preferred requirements, but your qualifications should match the minimum qualifications of the job description by at least 80%.

Click on job search strategies for more information on the US application process. Also check with FPU’s Career Development Center to help with your job search strategies and make sure you are on track

Check out this site for this step-by-step guide on how to find a job as an international student.