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At the FPU Career Services Center, we understand that the transition from the military to college and civilian life can have different challenges than for traditional college students. We know it can be difficult to link your job experience in the military with potential majors and future jobs. Below you will find useful information about assessments, military to civilian crosswalks, career exploration, choosing the right school for you, transferrable skills, civilian and federal résumés, job postings specifically for veterans and other resources.


It is important to create a strong LinkedIn profile to connect with superiors outside of the online system you had when in you were in the service for references or letters of recommendations. Check out this information on how to create a strong LinkedIn profile.

Transferable Skills & Crosswalks

  • Skills Translator–Match your military experience to civilian jobs with this easy-to-use database.
  • Transferable Skills & Trades - Accredited–Provides a sample listing of military jobs from each branch matched with civilian vocational occupations that hire workers with similar skills, training and interests.
  • Military Crosswalks–Search for civilian jobs that translate from your military branch and military title.
  • Vet Crosswalks–Enter your military job and where you live and you’ll be matched with civilian careers that use similar skills.

Career Assessment, Selection & Programs

  • Career One Stop Interest Assessment–This quick 30-question interest assessment takes about five minutes to complete and displays careers that fit your interests.
  • My Next Move for Vets–Search careers like your military job, by key words or industry. Still not sure? Take the O*NET Interest Profiler, which suggests careers based on the type of work you enjoy.
  • Military to Civilian Occupation Finder–Military to civilian occupation translator helps service members match military skills and experience to civilian occupations.
  • Criminal Justice Degree Guide–Many of the skills, experiences and training gained from the military will transition smoothly into a criminal justice career. Explore criminal justice careers here.
  • Best College Degrees for Veterans to Earn–Many veterans have previous experience that can be applied to various fields of study in college. This article outlines a few of these occupations.
  • Occupational Outlook Handbook–Many veterans have previous experience that can be applied to various fields of study in college. This article outlines a few of these occupations.

Choosing the Right School for You


  • Career One Stop Vets Job Search–Enter your military job and where you live. Career One Stop will match it to civilian careers that use similar skills and show you job openings in those careers.
  • DOL Veteran Jobs–Provides career exploration/options, a skills translator, job search listings and more!
  •–Employment–In partnership with the Department of Labor, this site provides access to employers who want to hire veterans along with other services.
  • Veteran Jobs–Find military friendly jobs on this job listing website.
  •–Find government jobs by searching using keyword and location or use the filter. This job-listing site allows you to build a profile and save searches.

Résumé Writing

  • Resumes & Cover Letters–The FPU Career Services Center’s online resource details the components of a winning résumé, how to get your résumé noticed and what you should say in a cover letter.
  • Go Government–A federal résumé uses the same information from a typical résumé, but goes into more depth about your skills, past duties and accomplishments. Learn how to create a federal résumé here.


  • Interview Preparation-FPU Career Services–Learn interviewing tips to make a winning impression and get the job you want with the resources provided on FPU’s Career Services Center’s Interview Preparation page.
  • America's Job Exchange–America’s Job Exchange recruiting experts offer tips to consider when preparing for your interview.
  • Interview Prep-Hire Our Heroes–Hire Our Heroes provides you with the right resources to help you prepare for and ace your next job interview.

Other Helpful Resources