State-Specific Refund Policies for Online Students

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Tuition refunds for students enrolled in online programs who reside in Maryland, New Mexico or Oregon will be issued in accordance with the policies required by the laws and regulations of those states. However, if FPU’s refund policy is more beneficial to those students, it will follow its refund policy and provide for refunds of tuition as provided in that policy.

Maryland Refund Policy

  1. As required by the Maryland Higher Education Commission, the minimum refund that The Chicago School will pay to a Maryland student who withdraws or is terminated after completing only a portion of a course, program, or term within the applicable billing period is as follows:
Proportion of Total Course, Program, or Term Completed as of Date of Withdrawal or TerminationTuition Refund
Less than 10%90% refund
10% up to but not including 20%80% refund
20% up to but not including 30%60% refund
30% up to but not including 40%40% refund
40% up to but not including 60%20% refund
More than 60%No refund
  1. A refund due to a Maryland student will be based on the date of withdrawal or termination and paid within 60 days from the date of withdrawal or termination.
  2. This refund policy must be disclosed to students upon enrollment, and documentation verifying student refunds in accordance with this policy must be maintained.

New Mexico Refund Policy

  1. Cooling off period. A student is entitled to a three-day cooling off period after making an initial deposit or payment toward tuition and fees. During the cooling off period all payments shall be refunded. Evidence of personal appearance at the institution or deposit of a written statement of withdrawal for delivery by mail or other means shall be deemed as meeting the terms of the cooling off period.
  2. Registration charges. A student may withdraw after beginning instruction or submitting lesson materials, effective upon appearance at the institution or deposit of a written statement of withdrawal for delivery by mail or other means.  FPU will retain, as registration charges, no more than $100 or 5% of tuition and fees, whichever is less. 
  3. Tuition and fees. FPU will retain tuition and fees earned and state gross receipts taxes at a pro-rata amount according to the following schedule:
Date of student withdrawal as a % of the enrollment period for which the student was obligatedPortion of tuition and fees obligated and paid that are eligible to be retained by the institution
On 1st class day0%
After 1st day; within 10%10%
After 10%; within 25%50%
After 25%; within 50%75%
50% or thereafter100%
  1. Tuition/fee refunds must be made within 30 calendar days of the institution receiving written notice of a student’s withdrawal or of the institution terminating enrollment of the student, whichever is earlier.
  2. Upon request by a student or the department, the institution shall provide an accounting for such amounts retained under this standard within five workdays.

Oregon Refund Policy

Courses dropped during the Add/Drop period will be refunded 100% of tuition and course fees.  Oregon students who withdraw from a course after the Add/Drop period are eligible for a partial refund through the middle week of the applicable term/semester.

Refunds are based on unused instructional time and are prorated on a weekly basis as detailed below.

15 Weeks
Drop/Withdrawal Refund Schedule

Week 1100%
Week 287%
Week 380%
Week 473%
Week 567%
Week 660%
Week 753%
Week 847%
Week 9-150%

12 Weeks
Drop/Withdrawal Refund Schedule

Week 1100%
Week 283%
Week 375%
Week 467%
Week 558%
Week 650%
Week 7-120%

8 Weeks
Drop/Withdrawal Refund Schedule

Week 1100%
Week 275%
Week 363%
Week 450%
Week 5-80%