Outstanding Graduates

Outstanding Graduates are recognized for their academic achievement, Christian character, leadership potential, service to others and embodiment of the Fresno Pacific Idea. Outstanding Graduates become a permanent part of a select group of FPU graduates and retain their distinction as an FPU Outstanding Graduate for life. Every semester two are chosen from each school and from the seminary.

Distinguished Alumni

The Distinguished Alumni Award recognizes alumni who have contributed significantly to their community and exemplified the mission and values of Fresno Pacific University.


Athletics Hall of Fame

The Sunbird Athletics Hall of Fame pays tribute to the achievements of student-athletes, coaches, faculty and staff. 


  • 1973 Men's Track and Field Team
  • 1984 - 1985 Men's Soccer Team
  • Tracy Ainger
  • Denise Ainley
  • Dennis Anderson
  • Ben Bogdanof
  • Bill Braun
  • Annie (Sippel) Bruce
  • Anna Butz
  • Dana Coates
  • Edgardo Contreras
  • Rafael DeCicco
  • Karl Dewazien
  • Jim Farmer
  • Elden Fast
  • Lin Gao
  • Lloyd Gardner
  • Chrisie Gregory
  • Donald Gregory
  • Steve Hardison
  • Jim Hartig
  • Donnie Johnson
  • Teresa Kamps
  • Don Knaak
  • Dennis McCave
  • Scot Patterson
  • Rick Penner
  • Randy Pfost
  • Jaime Ramirez
  • Joel Ramirez
  • Peter Sena
  • Pakisa Tshimika
  • Roger Trujillo
  • Kelly Watney
  • Qin Wen
  • Ge Xin
  • Lorena Zuleta


  • Ron Adams
  • Jerry Huhn
  • Dennis Janzen
  • Gary Nachtigall
  • Ben Norton
  • Diane Wiese

Meritorious Service

  • Ken Isaak

Legacy Award

  • Ed Nachtigall