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A Hope and a Future

A Hope and a Future graphic those living in poverty 66% above the state

Everyone has a DREAM

Financial stability is a desire of most people, yet the Central Valley has more people living in poverty than the rest of the state.

Education in Fresno builds a Hope and A Future

California's Central Valley has education rates lower than the rest of the state.

At Fresno Pacific, we believe education built on Christ impacts our cities and communities in the best possible way.

  • 48% higher education below the state
  • 12% High school education below the state

Fresno Pacific is building Hope for the Future

Fresno Pacific builds hope in every student and focuses on graduation in 4 years, guaranteed!

The Bible says, "Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but desire fulfilled is a tree of life," Psalm 13:12

Fresno Pacific exists to plant a "tree of life" in the life in each of our students, our partners and in the regions where we are called to serve.

  • 100+ areas of study
  • 40 traditional undergraduate majors
  • 26 master's degrees
  • 12 bachelor's degree completion programs

You might be the HOPE someone needs to create a better FUTURE.

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