Master of Divinity

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The Master of Divinity degree, more commonly known as the M.Div., is the most respected and comprehensive degree for leadership within a church, para-church or faith-based non- profit organization. This degree is valley focused and is now offered with reduced units and combines a traditional classroom experience with supervised ministry experience outside of the classroom to prepare you to serve with theological conviction and practical leadership skills.


  • Non-Denominational Focus
  • Course listings designed with input from 30 valley pastors from 17 different denominations
  • Learn from local pastors: Dale Oquist, Paul Binion II, Anthony Flores and Renn Serna
  • Every course includes a class session with a respected local pastor, meeting at their church facility
  • Purposeful community of learners and leaders
  • Experienced and published faculty
  • MFT and ministry students integrated in foundational courses
  • Option to study in Israel each summer
  • Option to attend the Hispanic Summer Program
  • Online courses available
  • Fully accredited by the Association of Theological Schools (ATS) and the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC)

Career opportunities

We have skilled graduates serving locally and abroad as lead pastors, executive pastors, student ministry pastors, military chaplains, fire and law enforcement chaplains, pastoral counselors and community developers. Our graduates plant churches in areas where churches are scarce, lead teams of people in unconventional and very creative ministries, and in general bring life transformation into areas with desperate need.

Program director

FPU Seminary Portrait
Brian Ross, D.Min.

Assistant Professor, Program Director, Christian Ministry, Master of Divinity & Ministry Leadership and Culture


Mark Baker
Mark Baker, Ph.D.

Professor of Mission and Theology

Tim Geddert, Ph.D.
Tim Geddert, Ph.D.

Professor, Program Director, New Testament

Lynn Jost, Ph.D.
Lynn Jost, Ph.D.

Professor, Program Director, Old Testament, Director of the Center for Anabaptist Studies

Valerie Rempel, Ph.D.
Valerie Rempel, Ph.D.

Dean of the Seminary, Associate Professor, J.B. Toews Chair of History and Theology, Interim Vice President

terry brensinger
Terry Brensinger, Ph.D.

Professor, Pastoral Education

Randy White
Randy White, D.Min.

Associate Professor, Program Director, Community Leadership and Transformation, Executive Director of the Center for Community Transformation

David Bruce Rose
David Bruce Rose, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Marriage and Family Therapy

Admission requirements

Download the Admissions Checklist to get started.

Course listing

Required Courses (72 Units)

Biblical And Theological Reflection (33 Units)
BIB 709Bible Knowledge Requirement Seminar0
BIB 720The Church and God's Mission in the World *3
BIB 725Understanding, Interpreting, and Teaching Scripture3
THEO 730Discipleship and Ethics *3
Biblical Languages

Choose either Greek OR Hebrew (9)

Students may petition to substitute biblical language requirements (9 units) with BIB 722 - Biblical Language Tools (3) and (6) units of Bible content courses.

BIB 712 and
BIB 711 and
BIB 710
Intermediate Greek Exegesis and
Elementary Greek II and
Elementary Greek I
BIB 717 and
BIB 716 and
BIB 715
Intermediate Hebrew Exegesis and
Elementary Hebrew II and
Elementary Hebrew I
BIB 750Old Testament Theology **3
BIB 752New Testament Theology **3
THEO 712Story of the Church & Its Theology3
 Journeying Deep into Scripture - Any Bible elective3
 Engaging the Tradition - Any History or Theology elective3

** Either BIB 750 - Old Testament Theology or BIB 752 - New Testament Theology must be an FPU Biblical Seminary course

Personal and Holistic Formation (5.5 Units)
MIN 704Discerning Vocation and Calling1
MIN 712The Charismatic Experience1.5
MIN 714Spirit, Character, and Transformation3
Missional and Practical Application (22 Units)
MIN 718Effective Contemporary Public Communication3
MIN 719Exploring Secular Cultures/Connecting with Secular People3
MIN 753Leading Organizations & Volunteers for Mission3
MIN 762Exegeting and Serving Your Neighborhood1.5
MIN 750DCross-Cultural Encounter: San Francisco1.5
COUN 768Serving Resiliently Through Crises and Trauma2
PACS 700Basic Institute in Conflict Management and Mediation2
MIN 793AThe Practice of Ministry I * ***1.5
MIN 793BThe Practice of Ministry II * ***1.5
MIN 793CThe Practice of Ministry III * ***1.5
MIN 793DThe Practice of Ministry IV * ***1.5

*** Students do not need to take the Practice of Ministry series in order.

Integration and Specialization
 Elective units for specialization5.5-8.5
BIB 790
or MIN 799
Senior Seminar *
or Thesis *
or 3-6
MIN 770Ministry Discernment *0

* Must be an FPU Biblical Seminary course