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Important: Fall 2020 Return

Remote Instruction for Fall 2020 – announced 7/24/2020

Please see the COVID-19 website for full announcement from our University President, Joseph Jones, Ph.D.

Fresno Pacific is seeking to maintain the highest quality of learning experience while maintaining the safety of everyone in the present COVID-19 disruption.  The School of Natural Sciences is taking an individualized approach to laboratories in fall 2020 based on the student learning objectives of each lab course and the possibility of running face-to-face activities safely.  Some lab courses will be completely remote this coming semester.  Others will allow students, who are able and willing, to be in the lab on campus on a limited basis.  A few of the upper division labs will mandate that students attend labs face-to-face, where the learning objectives have no good virtual substitution.


Courses with labs that will be only available as fully remote:

BIOL111L-FR01General Biology Lab
BIOL111L-FR02General Biology Lab
BIOL111-FR03General Biology Lab
BIOL231-FR01Anatomy & Physiology Lab
BIOL231-FR02Anatomy & Physiology Lab
BIOL231-FR03Anatomy & Physiology Lab
BIOL231-FR04Anatomy & Physiology Lab
PHYS120L-FR01General Physics Lab
PHYS120L-FR02General Physics Lab
PHYS120L-FR03General Physics Lab
PHYS130L-FR01University Physics Lab
PHYS130L-FR02University Physics Lab
PHYS130L-FR03University Physics Lab
Face-to-Face Opportunities

Courses with labs that will be available for fully remote, but will also provide face-to-face lab opportunities:

CHEM103L-FR01General Chemistry Lab
CHEM103L-FR02General Chemistry Lab
CHEM103L-FR03General Chemistry Lab
CHEM321L-FR01Organic Chemistry Lab
CHEM321L-FR02Organic Chemistry Lab
CHEM321L-FR03Organic Chemistry Lab
CHEM321L-FR04Organic Chemistry Lab
BIOL101L-FR01Principles of Biology Lab
BIOL101L-FR02Principles of Biology Lab
KIN401L-FR01Biomechanics Lab
KIN401L-FR02Biomechanics Lab
KIN406L-FR01Physiology of Exercise Lab
KIN406L-FR02Physiology of Exercise Lab

Courses with labs that require face-to-face attendance or formal request for remote attendance:

BIOL312LEcology Lab
BIOL322LInvertebrate Zoology Lab
BIOL450L-FR01Genetics Lab
BIOL450L-FR02Genetics Lab
BIOL450L-FR03Genetics Lab
CHEM460LPhysical Chemistry Lab

The Office of the Registrar enforces academic policy, maintains student records and protects the privacy and security of academic and personal information.  The Registrars’ office provides friendly customer service and knowledge to assist students in their academic pursuit. For all Registrar questions, please contact 559-453-2037.

Registrar Staff

Danielle Jeffress
Danielle Jeffress


Oversees all aspects of policy and procedure as it relates to the Office of the Registrar

Leadership Team

Thomas Cairns
Thomas Cairns

Associate Registrar

  • Evaluates graduate degrees
  • Coordinates grade processes
  • Oversees TUG support team

photo of Shondra Lemaster
Shondra Lemaster

Associate Registrar

  • Oversight of Articulation/Evaluation and Regional Registrar teams

Articulation and Evaluation Team

Steven Estes
Steven Estes

Registrar Operations Coordinator

  • Articulation
  • Pathways
  • Transfer Evaluations

Briana Freeman

Registrar Operations Coordinator

  • Transfer Evaluations
  • Articulation Support

Operations Team

Photo of Emily Colvard
Emily Colvard

Registrar Operations Coordinator Assistant

  • Front Desk 
  •  Customer Service 

Photo of Patricia Hitter
Patricia Hitter

Registrar Operations Coordinator

  • School Certifying Official for VA Educational Benefits
  • Commencement liason
  • Communications for the Office of the Registrar

Mary Escarcega portrait
Mary Mata

Registrar Operations Coordinator

  •  Special Course Registration 
  •  Registration Add/Drop 
  •  Customer Service 

Tara Neufeld portrait
Tara Neufeld

Registrar Operations Coordinator

  • Classroom scheduling
  • Systems management for the Office of the Registrar

Alex Simeone

Registrar Operations Coordinator

  • Catalog Editing
  • NSC Enrollment Submission
  • Special Projects

Kristy Sims-Jefferson portrait
Kristy Sims

Registrar Operations Coordinator Assistant

  • Front counter
  • Customer service

Student Support and Evaluation Team

Dustin Cabral portrait
Dustin Cabral

Registrar Coordinator

  • NCAA Certification 
  • TUG support
  • TUG retention

Clint Harris portrait
Clint Harris

Registrar Coordinator

  • Evaluates and confers TUG degrees
  • TUG student support
  • ADT student support

  • Graduate degree evaluation and conferral
  • Graduate student support
  • Grade processes support

Regional Team

Tracy Ekizian portrait
Tracy Ekizian

Registrar Operations Coordinator

  • Transcripts Evaluations
  • Degree Evaluation and Posting
  • Enrollment Verification

Nina Gomez

Registrar Operations Coordinator

  • Transcripts Evaluations
  • Degree Evaluation and Posting
  • Enrollment Verifications

Alejandra Salwasser

Senior Registrar Operations Coordinator

  • VA School Certifying Official
  • Regional Campus Registrar Team Supervision