How to Register

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Wait! Before you can register for courses, you must complete your emergency contact information. See instructions for Updating Emergency Contact Information.

  • Log in at For questions about login and password information, please contact Helpdesk.
  • Select “Student Planning” and then select “Plan you Degree & Register for Classes.”
  • Search for a class in the search bar located in the top right-hand corner.
    • Ex: EDUC 605 or SPEC 610
    • To view courses required for your program, click on the “My Progress” tab.
  • The course you entered and a list of similar courses will appear on your screen. When you find the correct course, scroll down and select “View Available Sections.”
  • Find the appropriate section and select “Add Section to Schedule.” Be sure you are selecting the correct semester and location.
  • Once you have added your courses to your schedule, go back to the “Plan & Schedule” page. The courses you added will show on your timeline as “Planned.” PLEASE NOTE that “Planned” does not mean you are registered for the course!
  • Under “Plan and Schedule” select the “Advising” tab to request a review from your advisor. All courses must be approved by your advisor prior to registration.
  • Once approved by your advisor, go to the Schedule view in “Plan and Schedule” and click the “Register” button under the course you wish to enroll in. The course will turn Green once you have registered.
  • If you have any problems with this process or need any additional assistance, call the Registrar’s Office.