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The Registrar's Office handles all requests for transferring courses to FPU. Whether you are a new FPU student transferring from another institution or a student currently enrolled at FPU wishing to take classes at another school, your appeal to transfer that course credit to FPU will ultimately go through this office.

Transfer Guidelines

The following guidelines are used when considering transfer credit

  1. Courses are completed at a regionally or ABHE, ATS or TRACS accredited institution.
  2. Courses are baccalaureate-level courses.
  3. Student received a grade of C- or better.
  4. Courses/tests are not duplicate to credit already received.
  5. All GE and major courses must be taken for a letter grade, not a pass/fail.
  6. All course credit is evaluated according to transfer standards in effect at the time the official transcript is received at FPU.

* Transfer work is not considered official until it has been evaluated by the FPU Registrar's Office.

Prospective FPU Students

If you are currently applying to FPU and would like to transfer course credit from another institution, please check with your undergraduate admissions counselor on the FPU main campus. You may also want to review the information on this page to get an idea of how your coursework will transfer to FPU.

Current FPU Students

If you are currently enrolled at FPU and would like to take courses at another school, you will need prior approval from the Registrar's Office.

Transfer courses from local community colleges

If you are transferring course work from local community colleges or four-year universities, please refer to the links below for information on how your courses will transfer to Fresno Pacific University.

Transfer Coursework from AP and CLEP

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