Class Attendance, Enrollment and Student Status

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If you plan to continuing using your VA Benefits as an FPU student, you will need to be aware of the following information concerning class attendance, enrollment and student status.

Class Attendance

Students who receive VA benefits must attend all class sessions to maintain benefit eligibility. Failure to attend class may lead to the loss of your VA benefits and incur an obligation to repay the VA benefits that were received while the student was in attendance at FPU.

Enrollment and Student Status

Fresno Pacific University certifies enrollment status, programs and academic progress.

VA guidelines indicate that it is the student's responsibility to report any changes in their enrollment status as soon as possible. NOTE:  VA will only pay for classes that have been satisfactorily completed. If "mitigating circumstances" prevent the completion of a class, the VA requires that a letter of explanation addressing the class withdrawal be provided immediately. Please submit this documentation to the FPU VA certifying official in the Registrar's Office.

The most up to date Academic Policies and Standards for Fresno Pacific University can be found in the current Academic Catalog.