e-Refunds/Payment Instructions

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How to receive eRefunds (through ACH) or add an authorized user in the Online Payment Center

  • For both processes, go to my.fpu.edu, choose “I attend or work at FPU” and click on the “Online Payment” tile. This will take you to the Online Payment Center where you can check your balance, make payments, select to receive eRefunds, or add an authorized user.
  • Under the “My Profile Setup” section, you will find links to add “Authorized Users” or set up your “Electronic Refunds”.
    • For adding an authorized user, click the “Authorized Users” link. This will allow you to then select the “Add Authorized User” link on the next page.
      • Enter the user’s email address and select what you will allow them to view; click “Continue”.
      • Read the agreement, click “I Agree” and then click “Continue”.
      • The authorized user will then receive an email with instructions for logging in and looking up activity and performing essential functions on your behalf.
      • When the authorized user goes to login, they will also use the my.fpu.edu landing page, but they will chose “I am visiting FPU” link and then click the “Online Payment Center for Parents” tile.
    • For choosing to receive electronic refunds, click the “Electronic Refunds” link in the Online Payment Center landing page. This will take you to a second page; click on the “Security Settings” link to proceed.
      • Choose your preferred authentication method and then click “Send Code”. Once you enter the verification code sent, click the “Verify” link and then the orange “Refunds” link back at the top of the page.
      • Under “Current Refund Method”, click the “Set Up Account” link and follow the instructions to add your bank account information and billing address.