Career Services

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The Career Services Center at FPU is your Premier Resource

Our purpose is to equip you to discover your calling and empower you to use your strengths and fulfill God’s plan for you. Our services are available to all Students and Alumni!

Career Services Events

Career Services Offers: 

Career Counseling 
Counselors help you explore your career options.
Career Assessments
Career tests identify your strongest interests, strengths and God –given abilities. The tests can help you choose a major or change careers. 
Computerized Career Guidance
Computer programs identify your skills and interests and provide information for over 1,000 careers. 
Career Workshops 
Topics Include: Resume & Cover Letter Writing, Interview Strategies, Job Search Techniques, Interview Tips and much more.
Resume and Cover Letter Critique 
We can assist with creating a resume and cover letter or critiquing one you already have. 
Internship Resources
Internship opportunities are available. Employers seek graduates with related experience.
Student Job Fair
Are you an incoming or current FPU student? We invite you to attend the FPU Student Job Fair. The job fair takes place over the summer.
Job Search Assistance
Learn strategies to finding part-time and full-time work.
Mock Interviews
Learn interviewing skills by scheduling a practice interview with a Career Counselor, or use our subscription to Big Interview to learn and practice your interview skills.
Graduate School Resources 
Continuing you education? Information is available to help you develop a plan for graduate school admissions. 
Degree Completion Students
Depending on what center you are attending can mean that the FPU main campus can be pretty far away and make it hard to schedule a face-to-face appointment. Career Services also offers: Phone, Email and Skype Appointments. 
Student Athletes
Need help creating, critiquing or adding to a current resume? Make an appointment with a Career Counselor to help assist you. Be sure to upload your resume to to help build your network and make great professional connections with other athletes.