American Rescue Plan Award (ARPA)

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Through the American Rescue Plan Award (ARPA), FPU students area able to receive up to $1,640 in free grant money to help cover university expenses like tuition, books, housing, food, childcare, etc. You are not responsible for paying ARPA funds back. Undergraduate, graduate and credential students of all statuses (U.S. citizens, permanent residents, Dreamers, DACA, undocumented, international) enrolled in Fall 2021 for one or more credits on October 2, 2021 are eligible. To claim your ARPA, click below to sign the Grant Consent Form by October 1, 2021.

Claim your ARPA

Fall 2021 Undergraduate/Credential Enrolled Student 
Award Amounts per EFC/Credit Load

Enrolled Credits as of October 2, 2021

Fall 20211-56-89-1112+
FAFSA $0 EFC$600$760$1,320$1,640
FAFSA >0 - 10K EFC$520$680$1,160$1,480
FAFSA >10K - 20K EFC$440$600$1,000$1,320
FAFSA >20K - 30K EFC$360$520$840$1,160
FAFSA >30K+ EFC$280$440$680$1,000
No FAFSA$200$360$520$840

Fall 2021 Graduate Enrolled Student 
Award Amounts per EFC/Credit Load

Enrolled Credits as of October 2, 2021

Fall 20211-56-89-1112+
FAFSA $0 EFC$300$380$680$820
FAFSA >0 - 10K EFC$260$340$580$740
FAFSA >10K - 20K EFC$220$300$500$660
FAFSA >20K - 30K EFC$180$260$420$580
FAFSA >30K+ EFC$140$220$340$500
No FAFSA$100$180$260$420

The American Rescue Plan Awards for Fall 2021 will be processed the week of October 11, 2021. Funds are only available to degree or credential-seeking students. Students with exceptional financial need may apply for additional funding through the Edquity app which will be available October 1, 2021.

You must complete the Grant Consent Form available here. Log in using your FPU username (the first part of your FPU email address) and password. Completing the Grant Consent Form lets us know whether you would like the ARPA applied to your student account or sent to directly to you. You must complete the Grant Consent Form by October 1, 2021, to receive your Fall 2021 ARPA.

Fall 2021 degree and credential-seeking students are eligible for ARPA funds. Per ARPA guidelines, FPU is required to prioritize students with exceptional financial need, such as students who receive Pell Grants. FPU has done this by utilizing the Expected Family Contribution (EFC) from the 2021-2022 FAFSA.

This award is based on your Fall 2021 credit load which will be verified on October 2, 2021. Please be aware that changes to your credit load may impact your award amount. Students with emergency needs can use the Edquity app, available October 1, 2021, to apply for additional assistance funds which will be considered and awarded on a case-by-case basis.

This award will be processed through your student account or sent directly to you by ACH or check to your home mailing address depending on how you complete the Grant Consent Form. Your award will be processed the week of October 11, 2021, and is contingent on your verified credit load for Fall 2021.

These funds have been provided to help ease the financial burden the pandemic has caused students seeking postsecondary education. The funds should be used to help cover the cost of attendance which varies according to each student. Some costs related to university attendance could include the following: tuition, housing, food, books, supplies, course materials, transportation, childcare, technology, etc.

No, the ARPA funds are not considered financial aid nor are they considered a resource that will impact future financial aid awards.

No, the ARPA funds are considered necessary relief as the result of a qualified disaster, which is excluded from a taxpayer’s gross income under Section 139 of the U.S. Tax Code.

YES! It is advantageous for every student to complete the FAFSA. To get started visit FPU’s FAFSA code is 001253. If you need assistance, Sunny the Chatbot has helpful videos. Go to and enter “FAFSA Help”.

Your EFC is on the Student Aid Report (SAR) that all FAFSA filers receive. Some students receive multiple Student AID Reports due to changes to their FAFSA. In most cases, FPU will use the most recent corrected FAFSA as determined by Student Financial Services.

If you are unable to complete the FAFSA due to your immigration status, including Dreamer, DACA, other undocumented and international students, we will use the No FAFSA award amounts based on your program level and the number of enrolled credits as of October 2, 2021.