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Academic Status

International Students

There are several exceptions involving online courses. It is not permissible for international students to be admitted to an online program and to do it from within the United States.  An international student needs to leave the U.S. and only then can they be enrolled in an online program. No more than one online class (or 3 units) per semester may be counted towards full-time status.  (Additional online units may, however, count towards a degree.) If the student’s course of study is in a language study program, no online classes may be counted towards the full-time status requirement. If a student needs only one course to finish his or her degree, it cannot be taken through online education.

Leave of Absence

A student may take a break from continuous enrollment without the need to reapply for admission by completing a leave of absence form. This form is applicable for one semester and may be extended for a second consecutive semester by submitting an additional leave of absence form. A leave of absence may not go beyond two consecutive semesters. If the student is unable to return to active enrollment after being on leave for two consecutive semesters, the student will be administratively withdrawn from the university due to non-enrollment. The student will need to apply for readmission with the university if the student decides to re-enroll in their program at FPU. Please refer to the Re-admissions policy.

  • A student can fill out a leave of absence form at any point during a semester. This will drop them from all current and future enrolled courses in the corresponding semester.
    • If the student is currently enrolled in a course(s) the current drop policy applies (see -hyperlink to course drop section).
    • Please note the refund policy regarding course drop dates (hyperlink to SFS page).
    • Title IX regulations (hyperlink) may involve exceptions to course drop and refund policies.
  • Should the student decide to return in the same semester, student will need to work with an advisor to re-enroll in courses dropped due to LOA.
  • Our leave of absence policy is as stated above unless otherwise required by law.

Military Leave of Absence

A matriculated student who is called up to active duty with the military or deployed for military action is eligible for a military leave of absence. A military leave of absence will facilitate a student’s return to Fresno Pacific University if the student wishes to return within one year of the date of discharge from active service or return from deployment.

To obtain a military leave of absence, students must submit the proper form and documentation as indicated above. When discharged from active duty or back from assignment, a student may register at FPU by contacting the Registrar’s Office and declaring their intention to return. Documentation of discharge or reassignment will be required. Students returning from military leave of absence will be permitted to participate in the normal registration period with other students with similar class standing as determined by number of credit hours earned.

Undergraduate students who are granted a military leave of absence but do not register for classes within one year of the date of discharge or reassignment must file an application for readmission with the Admissions Office to reenroll.  Degree completion students should contact their advisor in order to reenroll. New degree requirements may apply.

Withdrawal from University

A student who finds it necessary or advisable to withdraw from the university must obtain a Withdrawal form from the Registrar’s Office (degree completion students) or the Office of Student Success and Retention (traditional undergraduate students). Degree completion students should consult with and obtain signatures from their program advisor; their program director; the Student Financial Services Office and the International Programs and Services Office,  as appropriate. Traditional undergraduate students begin the withdrawal process by contacting the Office of Student Success and Retention, where they will be guided though the withdrawal process. No tuition can be refunded without full compliance with this policy. (See the Tuition Refund Schedule section of this catalog.)

After having complied with the provisions above, a student may withdraw from the university during the stated withdrawal period (before the course-drop deadline.)  A grade of W will be assigned by instructors. These grades are not used to calculate GPAs, but the hours are counted as hours for which the student was enrolled that semester for financial aid purposes.

Students wishing to withdraw from the university after the course drop deadlines listed above and who have documented extenuating circumstances beyond their control must submit an academic petition for consideration, and may receive a grade of W if the petition is approved. Students unable to provide such documentation will receive the letter grades awarded by instructors based on the work submitted for the entire semester.