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Types of Courses

Directed Study Courses

The course objectives and activities will generally follow the syllabus, with adaptations as appropriate. Prior approval is required by the instructor, program director or mentor/advisor and the dean.

Before permission is granted to meet a requirement by means of a directed study, the following options must have been explored and not found to be feasible:

  1. Substitution of another course for the required course.
  2. Waiver of the requirement.

Directed studies must meet the following criteria:

  1. The amount of work required must be equivalent to that required in the regular course.
  2. The student is held to the same measures of quality as in the regular course.
  3. The number of hours of consultation between professor and student for each unit of credit granted should follow established FPU standards.
  4. The request must be approved by the instructor, the program director or mentor/advisor and the dean.

Special Course Registration forms for requesting permission to enroll for directed study are available in the Registrar's Office or its website.

Enrichment Courses

Courses taken under the enrichment option are recorded on the transcript and are given a non-evaluative grade of E (enrichment).

Independent Study Courses

In order to receive credit for independent study, the student must develop a written learning contract with a professor, outlining specific objectives, learning activities and criteria for evaluation.  Contact hours should meet established FPU standards. All independent study courses must have prior written approval of the appropriate program director (or equivalent).  Independent study is to be used only in cases in which the course content is not available in a regular course and there is clear justification for offering the option.  Most courses may not be taken by independent study.

The number of units and the fulfillment of specific degree requirements students may take in an independent study capacity varies by degree program.  Specific information may be obtained by contacting the relevant program director (or equivalent).