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Variations in the learning needs of students, inherent uncertainty in predicting exactly how material for a course should be covered and an ambiguity in determining the most effective means of evaluating students dictates that a design for instruction may need to be adjusted.  Therefore, in order to be pedagogically responsible, the university allows that reading assignments, written assignments, examinations, daily topics and means and weights involved in the instructor’s evaluation of students can change as needed after instruction has begun.

Instructors are encouraged to be as faithful as possible to published syllabi or lesson plans. However, if altering these is judged by instructors to be necessary and appropriate, instructors may do so but are requested to share with their students in a timely manner how the course syllabi or lesson plans have changed.

The university highly recommends students keep a copy of all work that they submit.  If an assignment that has been submitted to the instructor is lost, the student will be required to provide a replacement.  If the student does not have a copy of their work, it will be presumed that the work was not completed and submitted. For traditional undergraduate students, no work will be accepted after 5:00 p.m. on Friday of the last week of the semester or session.  For degree completion students, the last day to accept work is seven days after the last of class.